BAC gives grants, presents free and affordable arts events, trains artists and arts professionals, teaches students, incubates new projects and promotes artists and cultural groups across our borough. As Brooklyn’s cultural anchor since 1966, BAC has also been the catalyst helping the arts community grow. We continually evaluate and evolve what we do to meet the changing times, and keep our commitment to community engagement, diversity and inclusion when it comes to the arts in our borough.

Included here are BAC's current, live applications. Please contact Submittable directly if you have any issues with the online form. For application questions, please contact the BAC department indicated in the guidelines of the application. 

Thank you for contributing a work of art to Brooklyn Arts Council’s Mutual Aid Art Sale. Artwork may be submitted here on a rolling basis, and will be displayed within two weeks of submission. We will then collaborate with you to promote your artwork for sale and determine a date by which to end the sale of your work, after which point you may put additional work up for sale if that is of interest.

This event will help raise vital funds for Brooklyn Arts Council’s programs and services, including grants to artists, exhibition opportunities, professional development workshops, and more. It will also raise funds for artists. You may choose to donate all or part of your proceeds to Brooklyn Arts Council. 

Artwork pricing will start at half the fair market value listed in this form, with bidding until it sells or a 'buy now' option for twice the fair market value. We may occasionally offer flash sales for Fair Market Value in order to move items. We may also rotate items off if they are not selling to make room for newly added items without overcrowding the site for users.

Artwork instructions: 

  • You may submit up to five works of art. As artwork sells, there may be opportunities to submit more for sale.  
  • Artwork may be in any medium, including works that are one-time-only experiences (song sung via phone call, a reading of a script). 
  • For non-visual artwork, please submit a short sample of your work or an image that showcases you/your work.
  • For art experiences: logistics and tech support (scheduling with buyers, setting up video call, recording, etc.) are the responsibility of the artist. 
  • For 2D and 3D artwork: artists will be responsible for shipping work to the buyer. Buyers will cover shipping costs. 

Please email with any questions. 

Thank you again for supporting Brooklyn Arts Council with your donated artwork!

Brooklyn Arts Council