Use this form to submit your 2019 Community Arts Grants final report(s) if you received one award (either Brooklyn Arts Fund, Local Arts Support, or Charlene Victor and Ella J. Weiss Cultural Entrepreneur Fund) OR if you received both a Brooklyn Arts Fund Award and a Local Arts Support Award for the same project. 

If you received both a Brooklyn Arts Fund Award and a Local Arts Support Award and those awards are for different projects, please complete this form twice.

Please contact Lauren Nordvig, Grants and Services Coordinator (, 718-625-0080 x227) or Desiree Gordon, Director of Programs and Strategy (, 718-625-0080 x 236)

DUE: 30 days after project end date; no later than Wednesday, January 15, 2020

To complete your Final Report, you will need:

  • Project Budget excel file on which you submitted your Application and Project Revision budgets. You can find your application by logging into your Submittable account and clicking on ‘Submissions.’ Your budget should be downloadable from either your Application or your Change of Scope form. Your final report is not considered complete until your final budget is uploaded.
  • Audience attendance numbers and demographics. If your event has not occurred, you can print out the Final Report Worksheet from our website and bring to your event, if applicable. Otherwise, provide as accurate an assessment as possible.
  • Supplemental financial, marketing documentation. This should include: 
    • Copies of receipts, cancelled checks or paid invoices documenting how funds were spent, totaling the grant amount.
    • Copies of any publicity/promotional material from the project (flyers, postcards, etc.)  To complete this form, you must be logged into your Submittable account  – the one with which you applied.

Please note that you must click 'Apply Now' in order for us to view your form. We cannot view forms saved as drafts.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.